Full service for customers 

Pursuit of steady risk control and profit . Strictly control for quality and  delivery time ,  let the working  procedure after shipment will not be delayed and cause loss of business.

One-stop production factory patterns

All of the hooks are produced in our own factory .From raw material purchase ,production ,inspection , handle emergency problem in production process,emergency dispatching goods ,purchasing consultation , after-sales service,etc.can be handled in first time ,effective control of the overall quality ,greatly reduce the defective rate ,chance of customers information outflow and delivery time instability problems when outsourcing production .


Rigorous management of customer information .Pay attention to reliance relationship and service ,strictly guard a pass for customer ,our company will keep the confidentiality .Information will not outflow , exclusive developed goods does not be provided ,order record will not be advertised as our enterprise .

Unique develop

The exclusive development .Provide diversified business assistance and product development with enterprise characteristic .Tailored exclusive hook shape ,designed the way suitable for local fishing , meeting the demands of sales area ,and withstand the market testing .


Provide professional advisory and advise .Family Zhan specialized in manufactured fish hooks for over 100 years.Never compromise to any small details ,no matter development or mechanics .Angle ,even insist in small hook point process ,our company has strong development and production and production team can provide advisory .